Air Force SBIR Success Stories

Air Force SBIR Success - MISER

Mobile Insulation System for Energy Reduction (MISER)

SES has developed an energy reduction technology to effectively insulate standard ISO containers easily doubling or even tripling the R value. This technology reduces energy consumption, as well as masking IR signatures coming from those containers.
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Air Force SBIR Success - Composite/Frangible Towers

Composite/Frangible Towers

SES has developed a composite tower structure that house navigational aids for aircraft. These composite towers, if stuck by a wayward aircraft will break away, leaving minimal damage to the aircraft, and potentially saving lives.
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Employee Ownership - Exemplary Performance

Select Engineering Services (SES) is an employee-owned engineering firm providing world-class engineering/technical services that assist federal agencies, local governments, and corporate entities in a variety of endeavors ranging from embedded engineering and technical services to the design, development, test, and sustainment of complex systems.

We specialize in Systems Engineering, having adapted our associated processes to all major engineering disciplines. We have found a particular niche in identifying and qualifying technologies that provide substantial improvements to systems, subsystems, and processes.

At SES every customer has the full attention of the owner, because we are all owners! How better to ensure the timelines and quality of your next engineering project?

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Key Strengths Include:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Program Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Technology Insertion
  • Logistics Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Technical Data Package development/maintenance

SES Mission

We provide our customers with a uniquely interactive and collaborative environment for meeting their engineering and technical needs. We provide a full spectrum of engineering and technical disciplines; offering true "Best Value" solutions to our customers worldwide while demonstrating the strongest sense of commitment and pride in our workmanship.

Careers with SES

Program management, engineering, technical, and administrative positions are frequently available. We encourage you to submit your resume to:

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Address: Select Engineering Services (SES)
  1544 Woodland Park Dr #310
 Layton, UT 84041
Phone: (801) 399-1858
Fax: (801) 399-1863